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Hey guys, I've recently purchased a second HD4850 to do crossfire but I have a problem with fan speed. One card runs fine but the other one won't go over 23 percent speed. I have found the fix for this. You have to edit the xml file that has the fan speed data for the profile in catalyst control center.

Here is the link:

But the problem is, when I go to that folder to edit the xml....the file isn't there. I have hidden folders showing and I have told windows not to hide system files and it still doesn't show. And I created and extra profile in CCC and it still didn't show up. I even called ATI tech support and they didn't know either. I would really like to get that fan going at 100 percent because my card is hitting 100 C under load. Any help is appreciated.
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  1. With Catalyst 9.6, you should be able to manually set the fan to 100% via the slider without editing the xml, I believe. There should be a slider in the ATI Overdrive section.
  2. Yes I know that....that's what I'm doing. It's a glitch in the software that won't let the fan go over 23 can tell a major difference in the two fans when they are both at 100. If you drag the slider down to 20 percent the fan doesn't spin at all.
  3. Try uninstalling the drivers, cleaning with Driver Sweeper, and then doing a clean install.
  4. Driver really isn't my issue...I don't know why CCC isn't storing profile data where it should. But I will give it a shot.
  5. Tried just a search on your system, itll find it, and its location, if it exists

    Try ATI tray tools?
  6. Did luck.
  7. There is a bad workaround using rivatuner, but you have to enable cf, then unable it before you shutdown, so riva can start up with the last setting as cfired.
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