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Hey all, I recently got a Phenom II 555 BE and I've been playing with the overclocking abilities (why I bought it of course :D ). So I've been using the AMD Overdrive benchmark and I noticed that if I raise the ref. clock (overclocking CPU, Ram, and chipset??) I can only get to about 3.8-3.9Ghz stable @ 1.5V but I score about 9800 on the benchmark. however if I use the multiplier (overclocking just the CPU??) I can easily hit 4.1Ghz stable @ 1.5V but my score is no more than 6500.

My question is this, is the benchmark in AMD overdrive accurate meaning that my computer is really that much faster if I overclock everything a little.

OR is it inaccurate meaning that my computer is actually faster if I just overclock the CPU but overclock it more.

also, correct me if I'm wrong on anything.

Cheers, JF
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  1. bump, this is a simple question for the right person.
  2. I'm assuming that your using onboard video? and that when your overclocking the gpu, it's scoring higher on the test because it's a 3d test?

    I've never even heard of AMD Overdrive benchmark and I've used Overdrive for years.

    I'm not sure what your benchmarking for, obviously not 3d performance? But there are better programs from this era that would be better than that.
  3. Nope, I've got a Radeon HD3650, and if it's important my motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3 (rev 3.0). It's only benchmarking the CPU/RAM because nothing pops up, it's merely a progress bar. I don't use this specific benchmark religiously or anything, I just noticed it when I was stress testing, as in AMD overdrive there's a tab called "Performance Control" when you click that you get sub-tabs and one is Benchmark, another is Stability Test. I was using the stability test and thought I'd try out the benchmark seeing it was right there. It's really rather quick (~4 seconds) and I'm overclocking my CPU/RAM not my GPU. my GPU is crap for O/C...
  4. Amd benchmark is unaccurate just my assuming, try in another popular benchmark use passmark, futuremark, cinebech and also try comparison with another system use sysoftsandra tool.
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