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We have a server that was inherited through a merger and has been in production for about 2 years. It is a dell power edge 2550 and has 4 drives. I think it is set up that drive 0 and 1 are the c drive and drives 2 and 3 are the d drive. Both are mirrored and i am assuming raid 1. I came in monday morning and the orange light was blinking on drive 3. everything is still working fine on the server, so i went ahead and ordered a replacement drive. i received the new drive and put in the drive back into slot 3. will the raid fix itself since everything is hot swappable? the orange light is still blinking. I have never had any experience with failed drives in a raid configuration before so i am not sure if it will rebuild itself or is there something i have to do. any help would be appreciated!

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  1. Thanks for the questions.

    So, depending on the controller, replacing the drive should initiate a rebuild of the array. There may be Intel software installed (like storage matrix...) that allows you to see the status of the RAID array. If not, and the raid controller came with the Dell, you can download the software from their website.

    Under the RAID sections (depending on the drive type) download the applications listed with them


    Also, you may want to take this opportunity to reboot during non-production time and manually go into the raid and take a look at settings and what not.

    and lastly, BACK UP the data if you are not.
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