Hey guys

Just finished constucting my new gaming rig.

but there is a propblem its running really hot. i mean really hot

my CPU idle is 48 degrees and at max load i think it reaches 58 degrees not too sure if it was fully loaded, i was playing crysis.

i think it is my PSU, the top of my case is really hot, i noticed that where it is really hot the front PSU fan is not spinning. how do i get it to spin? all other fans are spinning.

now there seems to be a 4 pin connector on the bottom of the molex rail. but i dont know where to put this as there does not seem to be any 4 pin headers.

could some one help me with this?

should i be worried?

is my phenom running too hot on stock?





Vista 64 bit home edition
9950 phenom 125w BE
alphapower 1050watt
HD 4870
Asrock 780gxh (789g chipset)
4gb patriot 800mhz ddr2

Thank you in advance
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  1. 48C/58C during the summer with a 125W old Phenom doesn't sound ridiculous to me. You could pick up an aftermarket cooler like the Xigmatek HDT-S1283 to achieve lower temps if you wanted. Have you tried re-seating your HSF? Did you just apply a VERY thin layer of thermal paste? Too much thermal paste will raise your temps considerably.
  2. What Case are you using, And i take its stock cooling you have on the CPU, replacing for an aftermarket Cooler will surely help!
  3. well im running all stock. i am using the same thermal compound that came with the CPU the case im using..... well i dont know what it is :S i will post a link of a vid i did with the case.

    (this was when i was using a P4 :P)


    the window you see is mesh. so does not restrict air flow.

    what about that 4 pin connector on the molex rail.... what is it?

    are my tempertures safe?

    what is the "standard" stock temps for a 9950?


  4. Anymore reasons?
  5. If one of the fans on your PSU isn't running then you may want to think about replacing/returning your PSU. That doesn't sound too normal to me.
  6. yeah i was thinking that also it is running insanely hot and as a result it is making all my other components run really hot.

    is there any other solution other then replacing the PSU?

    Kind regards
  7. just a quick update

    its the front 80mm venting fan that is not spinning do you have to do anything fancy to get this guy spinning?

    Kind regards

  8. Use something that will give you actual numbers to measure the temperature coming out the back of the PSU, because while 40C will seem really hot to some people it is fine for most items.
  9. well funny thing is the back on the PSU seems to be fine..... blowing warm air ill guess around the 40 region the problem lies on the top of my case where the 80mm venting fan is..... it is really hot there, because the fan aint spinning.

    i really dont have a clue on why the fan is not spinning.

    right i did a lil research thinking my voltages where too high on AUTO in the BIOS

    below is a screen print of my CPU in HWmonitor



    VCORE 1.288
    +3.00 (it was below 3.00 something like 2.65 im not too sure but let me know if this is important)

    +5.00v was running at 5.178/138
    will this make a difference? this was the only abnormal 1 i saw :S im a complete noob when it comes to voltages this is my 1st proper build of a new tech hardware machine :P)

    thank you for taking your time in reading my thread i appreicate all the help you have given me and would like thank you advance.


  10. Make sure your top fan is plugged into the fan header on your motherboard, or if you have access to an adjustable power supply try it outside the case to see if it works at all
  11. well the "top fan" is inside the PSU, its all one unit and does not have a seperate connector.

    i dont have access to another PSU :(

    anything else i could try?


  12. quick update

    Reading in CPU Z hopping from 1.36 to 1.32

  13. Under 100% CPU usage (OCCT) the burn in test was idle at 58 degrees at 100% usage.

    any dangers if i was to leave it as it is?

  14. Under 100% CPU usage (OCCT) the burn in test was idle at 58 degrees at 100% usage.

    any dangers if i was to leave it as it is?

  15. Hey now. Relax on the strong words. There are nicer ways to ask for help...
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