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I've recently ordered a BFG 9800GTX+ OC along with an Athlon 64 X2 5200 Brisbane 2.7GHz and an Asus M4A78 PRO 780G motherboard for my first gaming build and had a question about bottlenecking.

I've come to realize that the processor isn't as powerful as I had thought it would be which lead me to the issue of bottlenecking.

1. Will I be experiencing a significant bottleneck with this CPU/GPU combo, and if so, would a slight overclock solve my problem?

Thanks, Zodiac949
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  1. The 5200+ isn't that powerful, but its still a dual core at 2.7GHz so its not the end of the world. It will hold the 9800GTX+ back a bit, but it won't be horrible. 1440x900 should be alright, 1680x1050 will be stretch. The 5200+ isn't good enough for 1920x1080, so I wouldn't try that.
  2. Well thats good to know.

    Although I probably wont go over 800x600 due to my current monitor size, (15in), I'll keep that in mind. If the amount of power the 5200 holds back gets really bad, would over clocking still be an option for me?
  3. For that res, both the Video Card AND Processor are complete overkill. Take heart in knowing that you can safely move up to a 19 or 20 inch monitor before you have to worry about any bottlenecking going on.
  4. I plan on getting a 22" monitor soon, and maybe It'd be a good idea for me to bump up the res a little.

    Thanks guys
  5. 8x6? :o Wow, thats pretty low/bad. If thats your res, you'll be fine. Bottlenecking won't be a problem until you try to do something that a single thing in your computer will start holding other things back. In your case, your bottleneck is your monitor. It prevents your 5200+/9800GTX+ from performing to their full potential. I'd worry more about upgrading your monitor then your GPU.

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