Is there really any rival to the infamous CM Hyper 212+

The Hyper 212+ by Cooler Master is for $30 on Amazon, is there anything in its price range thats worthy xD?

From what I can see, to get like a few C less, you gotta spend twice the price

Noise isnt really a big issue for me so...

also, out of the H50, 60 and 70, what are the differences?
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  1. i can answer the corsair cooling side of things. The H50 and H70 are the same, however the H70 comes with 2 fans, in a push-pull configuration. What you can do however, is add a second fan onto your corsair H50 to make it into a H70 at less cost to you. if you do fork out for the H70, you get a slightly larger radiator and a selectable 1600 rpm or 2000 rpm for your fans. on 2000rpm, this leads to a 10 degrees cooler temperature than the H50.

    the H60 is the newer model, pretty much an improved H50. It just has a custom fan on it, ideal for cooling
  2. I would assume the H50 is the best budget one out of those 3?
  3. Why get an H70 when the Noctua NH-D14 is cooler and cheaper?
  4. Hyper 212+ was and remain to this day a very viable cooler for all users. It's cheap, it works and with another fan fitted it cools like nothing else for under $40. It is being rivalled in terms of performance by many other coolers though, but 99% of them fall in a different price bracket alltogether. I'd not hesitate to get a 212+ again, the only downside being its basic design and looks. Overall epic cooler, and I'm a huge fan of mine (with the extra 120mm silent CM fan).
  5. xigmatek gaia, is about the same but more quiet. Also, corsair A50 was $24 on amazon last time I checked. Both of those are direct hyper 212+ competitors.
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