CPU fried or what?

I was just going to start CSS when my pc just shut down automaticly. When i tried to start it up again i got some weird colors and signs on my screen. What could have happened? Is it my CPU or my GFX?

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  1. It's your GPU. It's artifacting.
  2. Artifacting on boot? Are you sure it`s not mu CPU?
  3. i believe if the cpu is fried, it wont even boot, maybe even turn power on.
  4. there are no problems with booting. It`s just plenty of artifacts on the screen when loading windows. And the screen goes black when i`m entering windows
  5. video card issue.
    try removing and reseating also make sure if you have a power supply
    with multiple 12 volt rails.. that everything isnt on 1 rail and nothing on the other(s)

    also check for overheating of gpu
  6. Yes, indeed. If your computer is booting, the CPU is not the problem.
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