hey everyone... can you tell me if XFX GF 9600 1.5GB DDR2 will work on my COnroe kentsfield fbs1066 motherboard? I mean the card asks for PCI express x16 my motherboard only have PCI express x4 please reply as fast as you can.
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  1. is that...a motherboard? i googled it this thread xD
  2. The information supplied is insufficient to answer your questions, let alone answer them quickly.

    Specifically, what motherboard do you have? Make and Model? What video card are you attempting to use? Make and model?
  3. Well, the gpu is right in his post if ya read it, xfx 9600.

    As for the MB, well I have never heard of it. At any rate, if it does have a pcie x4 slot you can connect the card and it will work. But at that speed it might handicap it a bit. A lot if you only have pci 1.1.

    Actually, if it works woudl depend on if the x4 slot is open or closed at the back, if it is closed you wont be able to physically fit the card in the slot.
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