Has anyone noticed theres no category for biostar?

has anyone noliticed that, under the category "MOTHERBOARDS & MEMORY" theres no sub-category for "Biostar"? wierd, huh? :bounce: :non: :ange: :pfff: :) :( :D ;) :ouch: :sarcastic: :na: :p :??: :o :fou: :pt1cable: :lol: :wahoo: :kaola: :sol: :whistle: :cry: :heink: :love: :sleep: :sweat: :hello:
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  1. that is probably because biostar sucks. :lol:
  2. No kidding. I just had two days of messing around with and older, AM2, build with a Biostank mobo. Couldn't get the damn thing to post after taking out a harddrive to use elsewhere. I kept getting a memory error beep code. Finally noticed that the memory had a lot of play in it when it was seated, it would easily wiggle back and forth. I got it centered in the slots as best as I could, hit the power, and voila! It is working now, but it doesn't exactly inspire a lot of confidence in the quality of their manufacturing.
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