Experienced Water Cooler Opinion Needed

How difficult is it to build a solid WC system from scratch with no experience? I'd really like to water cool my rig but messing with fluids inside the case and leaking hoses really make me hesitant to start experimenting. I was browsing and came across this


Basically what I'd like to know is, How over priced is this? not just in terms of money, but also stress,parts, build issues, etc. I figured since Im building a new rig this could give me the assurance that everything works the way it should and I can learn from there.

thoughts/opinions appreciated
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  1. $1,349.99 for a case and water cooling?

    My mouth waters for what I could build with just that amount of money.
  2. I meant no offense in my post, I just think you need to do some serious research, state your proposed build platform and your intentions to overclock or not, and what your goals are, (because you are posting in the overclocking section), then it would be more feasible to guide you in the right direction.

    I personally think your link is serious overkill disappointment, it's a setup to run either SLI or Crossfire dual GPU setup with secondary radiator, are you intending to run SLI or Crossfire?

    There's too much missing information.
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