Help build me a $400-$500 (Canadian) amd system for my Aunt

My aunt just needs a basic system that can do capable video. Can you guys throw together a good system within that price range including monitor? I'd be putting it together for her, unless you can recommend a prebuilt.

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  1. Where do you want to get the parts from? Newegg canada and are there any parts that you can pull from an old system like a dvd drive or anything?
  2. Lets see if it's even possible. (parts are from Newegg, and in US$)

    $20 Rosewill mATX case
    $36 Thermaltake 430W
    $50 ASRock A780GMH (open box)(good onboard GFX)
    $60 AM2 7750
    $23 Wintec DDR2 800 2x1GB
    $40 WD1600AAJS 160GB
    $25 HP 22x DVD R/RW
    $83 Hanns-G HW-191DPB 19" (Open box)

    Total no OS: $337 + S&H (not counting MIR, or combo/specials)
  3. parts coming from older system, this is a totally new build and yes I was thinking
  4. My only issues are with the CPU, PSU, and HDD. Everything else is fine. The CPU is a deactivated quad, meaning it failed stress testing with those two deactivated cores. Meaning the batch of Silicon probably wasnt as good. Whatsmore it still uses as much power as a quad core despite having only two functional cores. Either save $10 and get an actual 64x2 (They dont have L3 cache), or drop $30 more on a real quad. (Ive had fantastic overclocking results with the Phenom 9600 which i know is A-typical, its just always been a solid performer.) Second, Thermaltake makes Heatsinks and fans. Not PSUs. What youve got is third rate, Logisys is an unrecognized brand, but the reviews speak for themselves. 575w, 2x pci-e connectors, etc. If youve got the guts to overclock it yourself for her, id grab the 790gx as the new northbridge allowed the system to be pushed further. Also for $15 more you can get 3x as much storage space. 500Gb is the sweet spot at the moment. And the 7200.12 fixed old firmware issues and is wicked fast.
    ^^^ PSU
    ^^^ CPU
    ^^^ HDD

    Edit: Apparently the motheboard is deactivated. Also, drop another $20 on 2 more Gb's of RAM. It'll let your system cache alot more than it would otherwise, but remember to get a 64bit OS also.
    ^^^ Geforce board for better linux driver support.
    ^^^ a little more expensive, but performs well and allows you to keep 2 RAM slots open for later upgrades. Also 4Gb
  5. Dont get a random ass PSU especially one that admits on the back sticker that it is only rated for 450Watts of power,
    A bit more but will actually end up providing you even more power than the other one if necessary.
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