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Soooo, I just got done building my first comp, have all the drivers and such loaded... But I am trying to bring up my video games, but every time I open them, the monitor goes black and says "out of range". So I know this has something to do with the range the monitor can display, but how can I change it to have my programs launch in a range that my monitor can display? (Max is 1280x1024). Any feedback is appreciated, been itching to play some Fallout 3 ever since it came out and the old comp could not run it! Always a roadblock in the way ;P. Thanks guys!
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  1. Ohh, and I do not know if this info would be pertinent but I am using the same VGA cable I was using with my laptop. The video card I have (Raedon 3870) only has DVI spots, but it came with an adapter, so I just put that on the end going to my desktop and hooked the VGA into my monitor. Do not know if that may be it, but just thought I would throw that out there as well.
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