Screen image on my monitor is stretched out

I switched monitors between 2 computers to do some photo editing using the newer, better monitor. The new monitor is a widescreen and the image is stretched out. I can't figure out how to adjust settings.
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  1. Right-click the desktop in an open area without hitting an icon.

    Choose Properties then Settings.

    There is a slider control there to increase the resolution.

    Slide it to the right to match the native resolution of the monitor.

    Click Apply and it will change to show the new screen setting. If it is good, click apply or Keep or whatever it says.

    Click OK in the properties screen and you are done.

    If you go too far (because Windows may not know the limits of your monitor), the screen will go black or have lines all over it. Wait 15 seconds and the old settings will be restored. Reduce resolution until a stable image is found. Hopefully that will be the native resolution of your monitor and circles will be round.

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