CrossfireX 2x 4890 1x 4870?

Ok ive been to about 5 forums so far and no one has been able to answer my question, can i run 2x 4890's and 1x 4870 in crossfirex ?

i dont care if its pointless or whatever, i just want to know if it works, cause i added a 4870 to my 2x 4890's and my computer just doesnt recognize it, i have a GA-EX58 extreme if it matters.

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    hmmm, just realized that chart doesnt help lol, woops

    test if a various combination of the cards work, like 4890 and 4870 together... etc..
  2. If the computer doesn't recognize it, I'd call it a lost cause.
  3. Go check in the windows device manager and install the drivers manually. If the card is disabled, enable it and it should work...

    In the worst scenario, try the 4870 alone, install it, and get back to your old setup.
  4. i finally got it working, the bottom card wasnt fully plugged in cause the back plate was stopping the card going all the way in, so i took the back plate off and squeezed it in.

    results.... adding a 4870 to my 2x 4890 scored an extra 2000 points in 3d mark 06 and an extra 2500 in 3d mark vantage
  5. When you install the 4870 in a crossfire setup the 2 4890's downclock to 2870's specs. You will see a peformance boost but it is basically like 3 4870's.
  6. i havnt had a chance to test any games just yet but ill be doing some in depth testing to see how benificil it actually is, i know 3dmark is just synthetic and it doesnt show real world performance
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