(8800 GT SLI) or GTX 295

What would be better to do... 2x 8800GT for SLI or 1 GTX 295?
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  1. do you have 1 8800GT already?

    if you do then yes get the second.

    at the moment the GTX 295 isn't worth it due to the DX11 cards coming out by the end of the year which will push the GTX 295 to the floor.
  2. in terms of cost for performance, getting two 8800GT's is going to be a better solution than getting the GTX 295, however the GTX 295 is a much more powerful GPU and in terms of raw performance it is the better configuration. I agree though with Helloworld_98 on getting a second 8800GT if you already own one.
  3. Except that he only has a Crossfire capable board.

    -Wolf sends
  4. yea i do alrdy have the 8800gt card..and am probably gonna get an sli board...which board would be the best choice?
  5. none if you don't have an i7 CPU.

    but a recently released 750i board would be OK if it's not i7.
  6. Yeah I wouldn't suggest getting any SLI board other than an X58, however if you must, then I would get an AMD based board, as they tend to be more stable than intel ones.


    If you go intel:
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