CCC Error "INF file not found" during install - please help

I could not find the answer in any newer threads, so I'll ask here.

When installing any of the Catalysts that I have downloaded on my Vista 64 PC, I get the error that it can not complete, as the INF file was not found.

Any ideas how to fix?

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  1. I found this in an older forum posts:

    desolationw 03-23-2007 at 12:33:10 PM Show message
    + .I had to update my x1950Pro drivers in Vista by

    Running ATI setup and cancelling after it has extracted all files then:

    'Update Driver>
    No, not this time>
    Install from list>
    Don't search, i will choose>
    Have Disk. . .then browsing to the ATI folder on the C: you have just extracted and choosing the .inf file

    Try it and if it works, thank desolationw.
  2. Thanks, I'll give it a go
  3. Let us know if it works!
  4. It seems to have worked, but I still do not have CCC installed, so I use RivaTuner in the mean time.
  5. ***update***

    I installed Service Pack 2 for Vista 64, then the driver installed 100%, Catalyst included.
  6. Gratz!
  7. Im having the same issue as stated before, tho i already have SP2 the issue seems to be effecting me.
    possible solutions?
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