ATI 4870 to 40" Samsung LCD help

I have a ATI 4870 graphics card and I would like to hook it up to my 40" Samsung LCD 1080p.

The Graphics card has two dvi outputs and the TV only has a PC VGA, so im thinking I will have to go HDMI.

If i use the DVI to HDMI convertor, how good is my picture quality going to be on the TV?

Will it be HD quality if I am streaming stuff from hulu or amazon or somewhere?

Any tips on how to set this up?
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  1. there will be no differance as far as quality goes. I use a dvi to hdmi conector on my rig. But for me, i get no sound... says somethin about me needing an actual hdmi to hdmi cable and use the hdmi adapter that came with my graphics card to get the onboard sound.(that was a mouthful)

    well, its an HDtv, so you will have your HD quality. as long as you bump your resolution from 800x600 to 1920x1080P in CCC ;)
  2. hdmi IS DVI, with audio.

    although there are different types of DVI. and quality, apparently. they all look the same to me.
  3. Many samsung TV's have a specific HDMI input they would prefer you use with PC's. Make sure you read the manual.
  4. DVI and HDMI are identical in terms of video signal. it is a digital signal no there will be no difference in video quality.
  5. thanks guys for the help and suggestions.

    Will I need to make any changes in the Catalyst control center? or will it pretty much be plug and play?
  6. You might have to change your overscan/underscan, but that should be all. As for sound, you'll just have to switch your playback device. In Vista this is extremely easy, I can't remember for XP.
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