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Hi, I don't know anything about networking so my question is: I am going to get high speed internet from AT&T and want to get my own router instead of paying $80. Do I just need to get a wireless router like this one? I have both desktop and laptop.

Also, are routers just plug and play? and do I need a special cable to connect it (to the network ie the wall)

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  1. Do you mean router or modem? Also are you getting the U-verse package or just dsl? If just DSL then you need a DSL modem to connect to the wall and then you would connect your router to the modem.
    If you are getting the U-Verse package it comes with its own wireless router.
  2. I am getting DSL. So I need a modem and a router? I always thought you just needed one thing, like the one that AT&T sells you.
  3. Some ISPs are providing a modem/router combo that has wireless built in. It all depends on where you are at. Talk to them and see what you can get.
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