Unable to connect on router via WiFi


First, im using

- The router which is causing my headache is ThomsonST780 - SpeedTouch.
- OS is Windows 7 32bit

So here goes the problem - I connect normally to the router with my wifi stick - its around 50-60% signal. Im on internet - everything's fine. But suddenly it just: 1. Disconnects me. 2. Says - No Internet Access (I cant go to internet nor access the router configuration) - basically disconnected. I try to connect again and then it says "Unable to connect"
For absolutely no reason. It keeps saying unable to connect for 5 mins - 10 mins - 20 mins - 30minutes. Completely random! And then suddenly I can connect again.

What I noted is that - When I survey via Win7 default connection panel - after my problem occured - after it says unable to connect the router disappears for lets say 5-10 secs and then i can see it again but same problem - cant connect for random time.

What I tried so far is:

Updating my Windows
Tried it on XP via WiFi - same it wont connect (just on XP it says that connection is no longer in range)
Changed the channel on which router works
Tried connecting with my integrated wifi card in laptop - same thing.

Please guys its very important for me to fix this so if you could help me! Thanks
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  1. See if you can connect with an ethernet cable between the computer and router. If that works, sounds like the router's wireless is on the way out.

    If same problem with ethernet, power supply may be failing on router.
  2. Cant - the router is at my neighbours apartment atm and he isnt living there he just left it for me :<
  3. Might be worth borrowing a friend's wireless laptop just to check that the problem isn't with your computer or wireless adapter.

    If it's in your neighbour's apartment, quite likely to be a wireless reception issue. Not much you can do at present.
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