I5 2500k OC - Temps too high?

Hi All,

I am OC'ing my new 2500k on Asus P8P57 and wanted your thoughts if my temps are too high and I should lower the clock.

I have the CM 212+ installed in the CM Storm Enforcer case. Fan configuration is 1x200mm front intake, CM 212+ 120mm Fan blowing into the HS towards the rear. Case exhaust 120mm out the back and two 120mm exhaust on the top.

Current OC is VCore at 1.32 (Auto - 0.01 Offset to allow idle down volt) and multiplier at x44 with BCLK at 103 resulting in @ 4.53Ghz

With Prime95 running about 1hr, Max load temps are Core 0 : 68c, Core1 74c, Core2 74c, Core3 71c.
Idle temps are 40c with ambient at 34c (Yes - its very hot here).

Normal gaming is nowhere close to these levels. I plan to let Prime95 run for 12 hours to see if its stable, but I think staying below 80c on these unrealistic stress tests should end up with mid 60's in day to day use. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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  1. I probably shouldn't say this (might get banned :O )

    Drop the BLCK back to 100 as you don't want to kill your HDD's ETC...and raise the multi to 45.

    Your temps are slightly above what I'd recommend to keep them under (70C) but if it was me I'd feel comfortable as long as normal usage doesn't result in those temps.
  2. I agree with dropping the bclk to 100. The only reason to raise bclk with these chips is for extreme overclocking. As long as your temps are below 80C when stress testing and your system is stable, you are fine. Under normal use, your system will run much cooler than when testing.
  3. Temps are fine for Prime 95 on max load, and yes, no sense in raising the BCLK if you don't need to. You might as well just raise the multiplier to 45 instead and keep BCLK at 100
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