AMD Phenom X4 955 Black edition O/C Questions?

Hey everyone,

I'm asking this question beforehand.. since this is my first time building my PC and not all of my parts have arrived yet haha.
(want to clock 3.2ghz to 3.6ghz+)
Anyways I have X4 955 black edition CPU, and a thermaltake v3 black edition case.

Why did I mention the case? Becuase the Thermaltake v3 case is fairly cramped and I've read some reviews about the heatsink barely fitting in the case itself.

If I want to overclock my CPU, would it be safe OCing it with the stock fan it provides?

(I also have some bought thermal compound yesterday..

It says on the compound for Hi-performance heatsinks.. will it work with stock fans? LOL?

Anyways, will I be able to? or would I best be getting another heatsink for best measures?

If so.. what is it? link would be nice.

This is my MOBO atm,

Full build if needed
win 7 64x
4gb RAM (dual channel 1333 MHz)
HIS HD 6850
2x 120mm fan, (one on rear, nearMOBO) (one on front, near HHD)
thermaltake 3v case
amd x4 955 black edition
750w PSU
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  1. Not recommended to overclock with the stock heatsink, although if you can get to 3.6Ghz with stock voltage the extra heat generated by the +400Mhz will be very little.

    Yes you can use the thermal paste you brought on the stock cooler (and any aftermarket cooler)

    If your case is short on space then you could go for something like this:

  2. its only a 5% overclock, you can do it without changing anythign at all, just make sure ur ram operates at same rates and monitor the temp, it shouldnt go much higher anyway
  3. 12% ****
  4. I never even tried using the stock heatsink myself ^_^. Anyway, your case has better airflow than mine so even with a 92mm cooler like a Xigmatek or a Cooler Master TX3 you should get some good results. If you can fit a 120mm heatsink in there go for it, but if not stick with the smaller 92mm coolers and of course put in some case fans if you haven't already ^_^
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