Phenom 9600 BE with 1 core

I just upgraded from a Sempron to a Phenom 9600 BE. The problem is that CPU-Z as well as task manager only sees 1 core. I know my MB supports quad. I'm running XP SP3 - do I have to reinstall XP or is there something else?
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  1. What motherboard?
    Does your BIOS support quads?
    Does the processor come up with an exclamation mark in device manager?
  2. motherboard is an ECS GF8200A with the latest bios. the bios correctly identifies the cpu. "processor" is not listed in the device manager.
  3. Yeah same problem here.
    However yesterday before I have tried to O/C my Ph 9600 BE both CPU-z and OverDrive saw CPU as Quad but today I notice that one core is "missing" thus I have flush the BIOS with f7c version via @BIOS from Taiwan 1 server as none of others have any updated BIOS for my GA-MA790X-DS4 (Ver 1.0) motherboard.

    After flash both CPC-z and O/D have seen only 3 cores.

    8 hours later I was stuck with non responding PC (or better say the Blue screen was more often on the monitor than windows 7 Desktop.

    After all this suffering I re-flashed the old BIOS (f5) back resulting in stable PC but Phenom beeing seen by both CPU-z abd OverDrive as 1 Core while W7's Device manager has shown "Processor" with four cores.

    Here are specs of my PC : GA-MA790X-DS4, 4GB PC6400 DDR2, 1TB Seagate SATA, Pioneer SATA DVD, Phenom 9600 X4 BE with a good CPU Cooler (kept o/c temps bellow 45 C), 2 x GS7600 (nVidia), Pinnacle DVT and Creative X-Fi Xtreme.

    I am puzzled as rudiger007
  4. sorry have to add to specs: PSU is Gigabyte P620 with peak rating of 720W and the fans over north-bridge and south-bridge chips as well as memory sticks plus one 12cm system fan in the case.
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