Gigabyte 55A-UD3 raid1 probs with win 7 HELP!!

Hi guys im running a Gigabyte 55A-UD3 mobo
trying to sort out raid 1 so i can save messing around with backup etc.
the drives im trying to raid are WD caviar Green 1tb Drives.
the OS im trying to run is Win 7 home premium

Im running 12gb DDR3 16000mhz
I5 760
ATI HD 6870 gfx
everything else is pretty bog standard

im running a 2tb hdd on the side as SATA...

I have done everything i can think of and followed the manual as best i can.
I can successfully raid up the drives in the bios and even when starting the win install i can add the raid drivers and the installer seems to recognise that the drive is in raid1 (i.e cant see the other drive)

the install runs right the way through and then right at the last min it pops up with windows could not install on this system. .. no error messages per say... just wont install.
im pretty sure its a raid / bios / setup problem but am renning out of ideas

help please guys :D
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  1. Brendannw - welcome to raid on gigabyte. I am running into the same issue with a GA-880 mobo. My system hangs up during OS installation because Win7 does not accept "unsigned" drivers and the raid drivers provided by gigabyte are not signed.

    I am going to download every raid driver on their site and try each. I'll update you if I succeed. I have put in a support request but have not received an answer yet.

  2. Thanks For letting me know Howard.
    yes i have tried setting up marvell (which i dont really understand) and the intel drivers in both 32 and 64 bit all with the same problem.
    i too have lodged a support request so will let you know if i get any info first..

    thanks for the heads up

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