CPU being my bottleneck?

Alright, so I spoke to my friend recently on Skype, and the conversation took at turn over to computer hardware and performance. Apparently, in WoW, he's getting more FPS than me in Dalaran, which is strange, because my system is stronger than his, and we are at the same settings.

Now before I go any further, lets see what I've got in my system.

Asus P5Q mobo (P45 chipset)
Intell C2D E8500 @ 3.8ghz
4GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800
Nvidia GTX260 OC'd about 15%
Seagate 500GB Barracuda (SATA-II, 7200RPM, 32MB buffer)
Windows XP SP3
2x 22" monitors
Newest GPU drivers.

Now, I know WoW is not the best optimized of games, but I also noticed, while running a few Far Cry 2 benchmarks, that the difference in max/average FPS on "Ultra high" and "Very high" are about 3-4 FPS with AA on 4x. My CPU doesnt seem to be able to catch up. Also, while running these benchmarks, I noticed how the ground cluttering and objects (like rocks and buildings) would suddenly appear out of nowhere when the "camera", as it were, got close enough. As if the GPU was way ahead of the CPU. It couldnt be the harddrive, could it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/page-267403_10_0.html

    oooh! Same "problem"! Same mobo. I was running the GTX260 until Saturday.
  2. Yeah, I was actually just looking at your thread. Kind of funny, really. How is the 5870 in comparisson to the 260?
  3. It's much better out of Dalaran. Although haven't raided 25 man yet. Wintergrasp is still shockingly bad, but that'll be server lag no doubt.

    Dalaran still poor.
  4. With 180,000 known bugs in WoW, I wouldn't go out and replace my cpu for that game. Your CPU is more than enough to play WoW and I would be more inclined to blame your issues on your internet speed or the server rather than the pc. I know from my son playing WoW that certain maps are more demanding than others. How does the rest of the map play in comparison to Dalaran?

    Go to www.speedtest.net and test your internet speed...
  5. I really do doubt that it is my internet connection. I took the test, and it said 16.50 down, 1.70 up, which is more than enough.
    It is not only in Dalaran I'm having trouble. While flying in Northrend, for example in Crystalsong Woods, I'm getting 25-30 FPS.
    While this is acceptable, I'm also worried about the benchmark results in Far Cry 2. It really does seem like my CPU is holding my GPU back.
  6. your cpu is fine i it something else
  7. I think you may be getting the itch to upgrade your cpu. Go ahead if thats what you want to do but its not the problem. IT doesn't sound like your internet is the issue either.

    Benchmark some other games and see what's the deal.

    What is the brand and model of your power supply?...
  8. Well to be honest, I'd rather have to spend that kind of money to upgrade my CPU if thats not the bottleneck. Cash is a little tight for the moment.
    My PSU is a Corsair TX 750. Its about a year old, so i wouldnt think it would be the problem.
  9. The psu isn't the problem. Maybe a reinstall of the OS and be selective of the programs you install afterwards as some programs can cause issues. Slowly install the extra programs you use over time to try and narrow down the issue.

    I sounds more like a driver or software issue than a hardware issue to me...
  10. Your setup is fine, unfortunately it's the game itself that's the bottleneck.

    I'm running a 2.4 C2duo, 4gb ram, 8800gts on Windows 7 and average about 25fps in Dalaran, and between 10-60fps elsewhere.
    If you have loads of mods like I do then your FPS will drop dramatically, and possibly even cause the game to crash (which I've had recently when wow hits 1.5gb memory usage or higher).

    A friend of mine is running a GTS260 on a 2.6 c2duo (i think) and gets around the same FPS as me.
    Dalaran will always be laggy because of the sheer graphical requirement, and constantly changing/ever moving players in that area. Raids are about the same if not worse than Dalaran, as you have 10-25 players but a lot of spell detail to render, etc.

    The best thing you can do is drop down ingame graphics and reduce the number of mods on. There are also some guides floating around which have ingame commands to turn some settings down/off that you can't do from the menu. Can't remember where they are at the moment tho :(
  11. Glad to see someone that plays WoW explain what I have been trying to say... ;)
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