Will RAM be alright wihout any cooling

I am currently planning to upgrade to water cooling for my CPU and GPU to achieve a very quiet system.
I am about to upgrade to 24gb's of RAM which will either be Corsair Dominator 1600 CL9 24gb kit or 6 x Corsair XMS3 1600 CL7 4gb sticks.
My motherboard is a Gigabyte ex58-ds4. (terrible but does the job none the less)
my query is this:

Does ram need airflow to prevent overheating?

Because if the ram is going to overheat I will buy the xms3 so i can attach a waterblock.

or will the heat simply not be an issue?

or should I buy the dominator so the added heat fins can cool the RAM? At the cost of getting CL9?

To be clear I will not use any fans for the entire system except for extremely quiet ones on the biggest radiator I can find for the water cooling.
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  1. Well usually you don't need direct cooling for RAM sockets, so long as there is a good flow passing by the RAM on the way out. BUT you are putting in higher clocked chips.. First and foremost! Why are you putting in 24Gb of RAM in the first place?
  2. Salty crackers said:
    Why are you putting in 24Gb of RAM in the first place?

    I am a very heavy multi tasker and I run a minecraft server and play the game on the computer at once.

    I'm also not upgrading the motherboard or cpu for 2.5 years till LGA 2011 Ivy Bridge processors are at a reasonable price.

    Plus just for the sake of it.

    As for good airflow thats what I'm asking.

    There will be no airflow over anything in the case and the only cooling will be the water cooling for the CPU and GPU which will go to a radiator outside the case. (probably getting a Lian Li PC-343B)

    Even then the radiator is going to have 500rpm fans for the quietest performance possible.

    My pc is in my room and I'm sick of the noise of 9 x 2000rpm fans. Thats why silence is such a priority.

    I should also mention that with my current overclock the RAM will be underclocked and give the tightest timings possible.

    e.g. my current 9gb's of corsair xms3 1600Mhz 9-9-9-24 is currently running at 1440Mhz 8-8-7-23.
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    I think you should provide some airflow in your case regardless. The X58 chipset will need some airflow if nothing else does.
    That should be sufficient for the ram also. Fancy heat spreaders are mostly marketing gimmicks. They might be useful if you are a competitive overclocker, pushing the ram to the max. A quiet 500-700 rpm fan in your case will be inaudible. A hard drive will make more noise.

    For good info on quiet computing, go go .

    What do you currently have in your case that requires 9 2000rpm fans? No wonder it is noisy.
  4. Yeah I think ill put some low rpm fans in. sounds like the best option.

    As for the 9 fans I only really need the 2 on the radiator of my h70.
    but all the fans are 1800 rpms and the noise difference between 2 and 9 fans is negligible.

    I currently have a antec lanboy air which supports 15 120mm fans and came with 5. Plus I had 4 from my previous case. Thats where the 9 came from.

    the lian li has been scrapped due to the interior layout and I'm now looking at a corsair obsidian 800d.

    And I'm fascinated by everyone saying HDDs are loud. I've never heard a HDD make more than a whisper.

    I should point out all my HDDs are 5400rpm and getting pretty old.

    I will say that dvd drives running at 46x are definitly loud.
  5. Trust me, HDDs from the mid 90's were louder then the fans its self.
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