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I'm planning on installing a SSD in my HP dm4 notebook. So far I've found a 512GB Kingson SSD at a "reasonable" price on Newegg.
Can anyone tell me if these are not compatible? They should be, I just want to make sure.
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  1. Are you, uh, sure you need 500GB of SSD? Typically you only use a small (80-120GB) SSD to put the OS and your software on it - documents/movies/etc do not benefit very much, if at all, from an SSD and will be just fine on a 1TB 7200rpm because they do not need the high throughput and low latency (read: it is basically useless). You would save several hundred dollars, but it's up to you. Just pointing it out.
  2. As the HP dm4 only has room for one drive, you will need an SSD with room for your OS, applications, and ALL of your data (unless you plan on lugging around an external HDD). You also want to make sure you don't waste money on drive space you'll never use. Most people will never come close to filling up the huge hard drives that come with laptops these days.

    I replaced the 320GB hard drive in my HP dv6t with a 180GB SSD. I could have gotten by with a 120GB SSD, but since the dv6t is a single-drive laptop (and I didn't want to carry an external drive around), I gave myself some extra room.

    To answer your question, any 2.5 inch consumer SSD (SATA) will fit.
  3. Thanks for the input guys. I guess I wanted to make sure I have enough space. I syncronize all my documents and photos with my desktop computer and I've already used up 160GB. Looks like I could make this work with a 200-250 GB drive.
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