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I'm looking to build a new gaming system but I'm kind of stuck on what case design I need to go with.

I may do some light over clocking but I've never really been into that. What features do I need to look for? I like the case listed below because of the hard drive mounting and the cable management but I'm skeptical of the power supply placement. Seems to me that the power supply is a major source of heat and as we all know heat rises exposing all the other hardware to heat that could be easily vented from a blow hole next to the traditional power supply placment. Am I way off the mark here or what?

Case 79.99
Power Supply 89.99
Mother Board 194
Processor 0
RAM 64.99
Hard Drive 99.99
Video Card 189
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  1. THat CM RC690 is a really nice roomy case with really nice airflow, I'm sure it'll be enough for that system.
  2. Switch to the corsair 650 its $5 less after MIR and it gives you 7 extra amps available on your 12V rail
  3. Thanks for the replies. I will look into the corsair PSU today. It is almost order time and I am getting excited!
  4. One question though. The PSU at the bottom of the case doesn't concern anyone?
  5. Everyone knows heat rises. Nobody seems to realize that that really is important only if there is no other influence on air movement. The moment you introduce fans to move modest (or larger) air volumes, the relative importance of gravity and air density in air movement becomes damned small! With lots of good fans in a well-ventilated case, don't worry about heat rising to the top.
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