*SOLVED* 9600 GT problems :(

So a while ago I got a new video card, Nvidia 9600 GT :D , and a new motherboard. So when I turn my comp on it works until after the windows loading screen (I have Windows XP btw) when the screen goes black with artifacts towards the top of the screen :( . It only happens about half the time though! :??: When it does work it works very well in gaming I just love the good graphics. Then every so often out of nowhere when I'm doing anything (web browsing, gaming, etc.) it would just freeze and it would have artifacts towards the top of the screen and really loud scratching weird sound would come out of my speakers. :fou:


Any advice to fix these problems?
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  1. Check your card and CPU temperatures: Speedfan for the CPU, GPUZ or Rivatuner for the card.
    The CPU should be 15-20C above the room temperature with the fan at a moderate speed-1200-1500 RPM or less and the card at 50-60C, again with a moderate fan-30-40% max.
    Any higher and you may have problems.
  2. I don't think it's temp. because I can play right away after it crashes, and it's very unpredictable, like I can play for 6 hours and nothing will happen, but sometimes ill play for like half an hour and it will crash, or it will crash when i'm just web browsing after 10 minutes. It's just sort of.. random :??: ... I checked it anyway and the core temp for my graphics card GPU is 50 C my graphics card fan is at %10. my other fan is at 1461 RPM.

    How do i check my CPU temp with speedfan?


    heres a screen shot of SpeedFan on my comp

  3. Did you remove your old graphics drivers before installing your 9600GT? If not, make sure you do.
    When you replaced your mobo, did you re-install Windows? If not, you could have all kinds of old chipset drivers hanging around, giving you grief.
    Turn down audio acceleration in your sound drivers, or temporarily disable your sound device for testing purposes.
  4. My old graphics card drivers are gone already and yes I did reinstall windows. :??:

    I just disabled my sound device.

    So it just crashed again(with sound device disabled). It seems to crash when I do certain things like when I use Game Maker and press execute to test my game, it seems to crash half the time I do that
  5. If that fixes it, look for updated drivers for your sound device. If not, what PSU is in your system (brand and model, not just wattage please)?
  6. Check the voltage on your RAM and make sure it is whatever is necessary; the JEDEC standard for DDR2 is 1.8V, but many RAM manufacturers believe it is ok to ignore that standard if they tell people about it. Your mobo would default to 1.8V on any BIOS reset (which you probably did when you installed it), and that may not be enough for your RAM. If you're sure the voltage is sufficient, run Memtest86+ on your RAM.
  7. Probably not temperature related then.
    However, you need to configure Speedfan.
    From the screen you posted click configure and deselect those you do not want displayed, in this case just leave the CPU cores.
    I would suggest you start GPUZ and Speedfan and set them to log their temperatures once you log on. That way you'll have a complete record of the temperatures, right up to the crash.

    Edit: Jtt283 got there first on memory issues, deleted mine.
  8. Ok so I don't know how check my voltage on my ram :sarcastic: but i read somewhere that its Vcore2 on SpeedFan, I don't know if that's true but it says Vcore2 is 4.08V and Vcore1 is 1.23V on SpeedFan. If that's not it, then could you tell me how to check my ram voltage?
  9. The required voltage will be on the I.D. label on the chips themselves, once you know that you'll need to go into the BIOS and check what the motherboard is supplying.
    As for how to find that in BIOS: READ THE MANUAL, SUCKER! :)
  10. Haha ok I will have to do that later today, I'm busy today, but I'll post once I find out. :P

    So I changed my memory voltage(I think it was called that..) to 1.9V and it seems to be working fine. I will monitor it for a few days and if there is any problems I will post here. Thank you coozie7 and jtt283 so much for your help.
  11. Well.. Still crashes.. It seems that over time it's less likely to crash and more frequently starting up correctly. Now it starts up correctly all the time and now I only get a few infrequent crashes with the same scratchy noise and artifacts. I've gotten used to it since it's not as bad as before and I've had the problem for so long, but it is still frustrating, so I still want it fixed of course, can anybody help? :ange:
  12. That it has been more stable with a voltage increase strongly suggests the problem is with your RAM. Was 1.9v enough for it? Run Memtest86+ on it now.
  13. So since it is still crashing but more stable on 1.9v, with 2 gb of RAM should I set it to 1.95v? I've seen screen shots of memtest86+, what will I be looking for when I run it?
  14. You'll be looking for errors. And yes, try 1.95v. What voltage range is on the little sticker on the RAM stick? What are your mobo and RAM brand and model?
  15. I had the exactly same problem .
    Just remove the drivers supplied with the bundle from the control panel.
    If u have an nforce mobo than take care not to remove the chipset drivers.
    After that download the fresh drivers 130.xx and install them fresh.
    P.S Remove any Nvidia Ntune or Nvidia PhysX drivers u might have installed.
    Also plz do mention what power supply you have.
    Althoughi am dead sure the above solution will sove your problem
  16. :pt1cable: Switching the voltage to 1.95 solved everything!!! Thank you jtt283 and coozie7 for the help! (and thanks K-ous for the attempt :kaola: )

    Off to play Oblivion! :lol:
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