Gaming computer

BUDGET RANGE: 1534$ = 1123€
SYSTEM USAGE: Gaming, Surfing Internet, Movies (720p)
PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS
PREFERRED WEBSITE(S): None, I'm buying on the site in Slovenian language, I just need advice if build is good.
CROSSFIRE: Planned in next years
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I want quiet pc 40 decibels max but still wanted less. I want good FPS in newer games.

Hello I need advice for good gaming computer. I don't need price suggestions and stuff I just wanna know If build is good and if you would, with what would you replace it?

CPU: Intel® Core™ i7 920
Motherboard: ASUS P6T SE
Power supply: Mushkin XP-800AP "Extreme Performance" 800W
Casing: Cooler Master RC-690-KKN1-GP
Graphic Card: Sapphire Radeon HD 4890 "Vapor-X" 1024MB GDDR 5 PCI-Express™ 16x
Optical drive: Samsung SH-S223L BEBE LightScribe™
RAM: Team Group PC3-15000 "Xtreem" KIT 6144MB 1866 MHz DDR III 9-9-9-24
Hard Drive: Western Digital WD6401AALS "Caviar® Black™" 640GB 7200RPM 32MB Serial ATAII
CPU cooler: Cooler Master V8

I also have in plan to overclock Intel Core i7 920 to at least 3,2 ghz. Since I'm a noob in overclocking, is there any step by step guide that shows how to safely overclock it to that number or more with better cooling(Cooler Master V8).

Another question:
Should I rather go with Phenom II X4 955 build?
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  1. Unless you are planning to upgrade your monitor in the near future you don't need such a high end graphics card. Try a 4770 or a 4830 or even a 4850. You could also save some money on ram. A 1600 kit from Gskill or OCZ is probably a better choice. As for the PSU I am not too familiar with the Mushkin line of PSUs what about Corsair, PcPower or Antec (TruePower New, Earthwatts or Signature Series)?
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