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I installed an incorrect wireless key. How do I access the wireless setup wizard ( XP home) to correct?
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  1. If you mean you put the wrong passphrase in to Windows Wireless Networking interface, delete the connection.

    If you mean you put the wrong passphrase in to your router, have a look at the instructions which came with your router and change it.
  2. follw these steps

    1.go to control panel network connections

    3.right click the wireless network card you use to connect to the wireless network the properties will see the three menus on the top and click the wireless menu

    6.this will bring up all the wireless ssids you have been using

    7.find the one you want to use now,click that and then properties and this will bring up all the setup for that connection change whatever you want to do.

    (please remember there are different encryption methods like wep wap wap2 etc.check whether the serect key has AES OR TKIP)

    there are many ways to reach upto step 6 follow whatever you know or find it convenient,i have given the regular standard way

    Good luck
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