Verticle Hard Drive mount

Wondering if anyone knows about a mount so I could mount 2 hard drives verticly in 2- 5 1/4 bays.

I currently have a 120mm fan mounted on the top front of my case, and want to add a 2nd HD. When I look at the configuration I thought that 2 drives mounted verticly would have the best air flow.
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  1. I have never seen a vertical mount, but these exist and are quite popular. They also have their own air flow solution.
  2. How about five drives vertically:

    Or do you mean straight up-and-down, with the connectors at the top or bottom? I haven't seen any of those, either.
  3. Now that I remember, the only time I have seen actual vertical mounts was on a Dell Precision. The 5.25 bay rotated 90 degrees and I'm sure other manufacturers offer the same tech.
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