OC'd 6970, fine except for one game?

I have been running my 6970 at the max clocks in MSI afterburner 950/1450, did some extensive testing (just playing a lot of just cause 2 max settings mostly but also played other games too like metro 2033 and crysis, warhead and crysis 2). Today I decided to play a bit of Witcher 2 and almost immediately I started to notice these white "flashes" occurring on screen and then eventually the ground will all of a sudden raise up to my characters waist, basically it is all screwed up. I assumed it was either the core or mem clock too high, so I fiddled around and I think I got it to stop, currently I am at 940/1435.

What I am wondering is does it really make sense that only one of my games would be causing instability, and not all of them? The temps on my 6970 never go above 73C so I know the temps aren't the problem. Even playing a game like just cause 2 for hours on end and then Witcher 2 for like 15 min?

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    It is normal to find instability in one game and not another. I assume it's just the way the game uses the card that pushes it differently than others.

    Also, just because its "stable" doesn't mean that its performing at its best. Especially with DDR5, you'll want to test its performance as you increase the frequency. DDR5 has some error correction, and when you first start going past stable, it will still run, but it'll be at a reduced performance due to the error corrections.
  2. Oh really huh, well thats very interesting. I have run the Heaven unigine benchmark and at the stock voltage full OC that msi lets me do I got about a 100 point increase in my overall score, but I guess I suppose I just need to make sure my games are running ok too at that point and adjust accordingly.

    Thanks for the info!
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