XFX GTX 285 Black vs XFX 4890 Black?

Ok so i ordered the XFX 1GB 4890 Black Edition for £160. I just got an email saying they wont have them in stock till 7th August.

Got me thinking about other cards instead and 1 that caught my eye was the XFX GTX 285 Black Edition.

I will say i am a total Nvidia noob (NOT a ATi fanboy just always liked the price/performance of ati) anyway what i dont really get about the NIVIDIAs are the specs lol,

GTX 285 BE - GDDR3, 690MHz/2600MHz, 240 Cores - £266
4890 BE - GDDR5, 1000/4000, 800 Cores - £160

Now i might sound a complete pleb but doesn't the 4890 have way better specs for a much cheaper price? Thing is ALOT of people say the GTX 285 smashes the 4890 :/ am confused.comed.

8GB DDR2 1066MHZ
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  1. Nvidia and ATI have different ideas as to what a core is, you cannot compare the numbers like that.
    Either way, I'd say the GTX275 is by far the better option, it's a good deal cheaper that the 285 and can nip at its heels in most benchmarks, both synthetic and real-world.
    I, personally would not recommend a factory overclocked card unless it is the same price as a 'vanilla' one: Why pay for something you can do yourself in a few measly hours?
  2. Thats the reason i choose the 4890 BE, at 1000/4000 @ £160 its close to the price of a stock sapphire.

    £160 i think is an excellent price, should i just wait it out till 7th?
  3. That, my friend is up to you!
    This, however is nice:


    Also check: Scan, CCL, Novatech, E-buyer, Pixmania, Dabs and Microdirect.
    But wait until tomorrow morning, they all have a habit of 'weekend specials' that can save a useful amount of wonga.
  4. Cheers for the info mate, will have alook tomorrow on the sites and hope there's some deals on there :bounce:
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