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Hi everyone, Haunted Eagle here. I'm thinking of using an SSD in my computer build, and I'm wondering whether or not it's a good idea to use it as the ONLY drive, as in no HDD. It seems as though it'd be substantially easier to have everything on one drive rather than splitting the material, but I don't know how a SSD would handle that. I am building a ~$2300 gaming desktop and I probably won't need a lot more than 150 Gigs of space.

TL;DR - Is it worth it to use one SSD for everything including media if I can afford it, or would one SSD for booting and games and one HDD for media/storage be a more reliable option?

I await your amazing input! :) Thanks,
Haunted Eagle
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  1. Well I'm not sure its substantially easier but you'd certainly be fine doing that. SSD drives best HDDs in every aspect save price so the only reason you see people splitting their data is to save money. Having a SSD full of Video files is very wasteful when a HDD could hold more for much less.

    If you were buying a race car for racing would you also use it to get groceries?
  2. I see. but as far as longevity and such goes it wouldn't be a problem?

    Thanks for the answer. :)
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    It is absolutely a great thing to do.

    Everything you do will be faster.

    The longevity of the drive is not a factor. The longevity is determined by how many writes you do to the drive. They are designed for at least 5 year's worth of writes to a heavily updated system, far more than what a normal user would ever do. Even if a drive reached it's write limit, the contents of the drive would still be readable, allowing for the time to clone the drive to a replacement. In 5 year's time, current drives will be obsolete.

    If you need 150gb of space, a 256gb drive will serve you well. It will perform better and last longer.

    I had a Intel X25-M 160gb drive as my only drive. I gave that system to my son, and I miss the speed terribly. I am using a temporary velociraptor, and will get a crucial C400 or vertex 3 when they become available. Hopefully in a week or two.
  4. This thread reminded me of laptops and notebooks with only one drive. Installing everything on one solid state drive is already being done. It should not be a problem. The big problem as others have noted is price.
  5. Thanks so much everyone for the quick replies. :)
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