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I am building my first PC and have had questions throughout but the forums have been the best place for info. I have almost everything hooked up except my case fans and have a question. I am using an Antec 1200 case with just the preinstalled case fans (plus CPU cooler of course) and I am aware that you use the 4 pin modular connector from my PSU (Rosewill 1000W) and connect it to the fans. My first question is the cord I have has 5 connectors for 4 pin modular devices and some fans are close can I hook multiple fans into the same slot on the 5 connection cord? Also, at the end of the cord (opposite of the PSU) there is a plug and I am not for sure where this plug should be inserted if anywhere? I am using a Asus 6pt Mobo as well. Any help would be great I am learning as I go.
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  1. I'm kinda lost here....

    As far as the cord issue with the fans, yes you can but i wouldn't connect more than four fans on a single molex connector. Try dividing the fans and use at least 2 molex connectors for all your fans, meaning connect 2 fans for each molex.
  2. That plug you are unfamiliar with, is it 4 pins, about half an inch wide and an eighth inch tall and white? If so its a floppy drive connector, never opened up an older computer?

    Try to spread your fans across the various wires as well, it doesnt do any good to spread them between 3 molex connectors if they are all on the same line from the PSU, try to split them between two separate power lines if you can.
  3. That 1000w psu can handle all fans on a single line w/o a hiccup.
  4. fans draw very little power . You could probably connect a hundred up to one molex on that psu and everything will be fine
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