During startup PC starts, then shuts down (repeats)

Today, I woke my computer from sleep only to have it start up then after a few seconds power down, start up, power down, etc.

I DO NOT get to windows startup screen. It's just a constant revving.

I'm pretty sure that it's the power supply not giving everything enough juice at startup. Though, it's started the computer fine for a few months now (although that probably doesn't mean much). I was wondering if I've got to much connected for my power supply to do this. My computer specs are

Gigabyte UD3R
XFX 9800GT
5 120mm Fans (with fan controller)
Corsair 650 watt power supply
8 gigs ram
4 hard drives (one through esata)
One DVD drive

Now I thought that 650 watts was plenty for my system. If it is the PSU should I RMA it and have them send a new one? Or am I looking at getting a beefier one? Should I turn the fans down? Or am I looking at some kind of virus (not a big deal if I need to reformat, I only have games on it)

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Try a CMOS reset if you haven't already. Is it looping on the BIOS screen or does it attempt to load Windows?
  2. I'm not even getting to the BIOS screen. The computer doesn't even stay powered on long enough to make the screen start up.

    Update: I turned the power supply off (flipped the switch) and unplugged two of the fan headers. After, the computer started up and stayed powered on.

    Would this mean that the PSU was too stressed at boot (wake up)? If that's the case should I just reconnect the fans after it's on, or keep them at a low RPM for start up then turn them up/down?
  3. Update 2:

    Yesterday my girlfriend called and said the computer wouldn't turn on. I asked if she hit the power button. She was offended. :sarcastic:

    I get home and find that indeed the computer wouldn't turn on. I'd hit the power button and get some lights flashing then as soon as they came they were gone. I had asked if there had been a power surge. She had told me that the neighbors experienced one, but she had all the lights and tv off for a couple hrs to do hw.

    So I open the case, unhook everything, read my manuals, reconnect some stuff in different configurations, and now I'm stuck.

    It appears that that PCI-E x16 slot is damaged or malfunctioning. I say this because when I took out the graphics card, the system would power on, but putting it back in and it wouldn't. I even put in another card (nvidia 6600) in which case the computer would power on, but it wouldn't load to BIOS or display anything on the screen. It did once only to have the screen tear out blue upon loading windows.

    Am I right in assuming that the actual slot is damaged/malfunctioning? Or is it the it card? I had an old system laying around to test the PSU, but not the graphics card (fan getting in the way of card).

    Also, if it is the slot should I just RMA the board or should I call customer support for help?

    Any help in the matter would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I'm experiencing the exact same problem with a brand new Corsair HX750W, no component seems to be damaged since when i plug the okld PSU, everything works just fine.

    I'm really puzzled, could it be a problem with the new PSU ?
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