How long to run OCCT test?

i had mine going for 12 min no errors at 850 core / 1995 mem / 1.1v

i found any less then 1.1v i would get 1-3 errors
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  1. can i consider this stable?
  2. Stress tests are typically over-optimistic. Meaning, they dont detect errors even when your game might potentially crash.

    BFBC2 was the best OC feedback for me. Always crashed within 10 minutes if my clock was unstable. :/

    Use the stress tests to give you a general idea, then play your games (possibly with more demanding settings) and see if they crash within a couple hours.
  3. no error massage , i use OCCT 4hours , IBT just 30minutes but very very hot at my CPU
  4. FurMark is a great tester for stable GPU overclocks. Run a burn-in test for about 20-30mins
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