Update @ Livin-It-Up June 4, 2005

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Update June 4, 2005

Welcome to another Livin-It-Up update!

First off, thank you all so much. Your support the past couple updates has
been outstanding. Can't quite say we can relax about our financial
situation, but we're certainly sitting much better than we were. With a
fraction of this level of support on a continuous basis we'd never have to
whine about money. And, beyond the badly needed financial boost, we've
received a ton of positive comments as well. While it is dollars that make
this site possible, to us, it's all of you who truly make it worth doing.

We start this update with a ton of great new outfits for Sims2. Slim's
always got an eye for detail, I'm sure you'll agree, there's nine great new
lady's outfits that are no exception. Though I must say there's a couple
cases where I use the term lady regarding our models only to be polite. Last
time we introduced you to KelinRose. We're pleased to bring you her first
submissions to the site this update, a variety of sixty shirts, blouses, and
outfits in a wide range of stylish patterns.

In the bodyshop section, Slim made some hot goth eyeshadow and a pair of new
hair colors for your Sims as well.

Then there's "Lady Death", a packaged Sims2 character with custom genetics
and clothing by Slim. She's, umm... well... let's just say I wouldn't want
to meet her in a dark alley... or would I? Check her out for yourself.

Ohmikeghod delved into his first Sims2 object colour options this time with
a great new set of window and door textures in a beautiful light toned wood
including matching wall. Asif brings you a nice little bedroom set for the
girls in hot pink. Over forty new paintings from Bluegenie2 in a variety of
frames and genre. And, finally, a new stereo by Slim.

In closing, I want to re-assure all our hard core The Sims fans that we as a
site aren't totally jumping ship on you guys. Sims2 is the new, hot and
exciting thing everyone is talking about. We still have folks creating for
The Sims, just more and more they're evolving like our fans to Sims2. Our
intent is to always support the game for which we built this site! But since
your might say our interests are now split in two, we apologize that it's
not always possible to have content for both in each update.

Preview image available at:

Till next time,
The Staff,

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    >Update June 4, 2005
    >Welcome to another Livin-It-Up update!

    Some beautiful stuff here, thanks :-)
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