OC'ing Sabertooth P67 and I5 2500k questions

I just overclocked in BIOS and Im pretty sure I did everything correctly to clock to 4.5ghz but I wanted to make sure. The only programs I have so far is CPU-Z witch fluctuates between two speeds (1600mhz and 4500mhz) and the AI suite that comes with the mobo. The core voltage is at 1.4 should I be concerned? What program should I run to make sure my OC was secure?

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  1. and this is what sometimes happens...


    Having it alternate back and forth between those two speeds and volts cannot be good... how do I fix this?

    In BIOS it says its running speed of like 3.4 at 1.3 volts... not quite sure why
  2. I changed the ram in BIOS to auto instead of 1600. It fixed the alternating cpu speeds but i still have high core voltage for some reason. should I have 1.4v at 4.5ghz with this hardware?

    Asus Sabbertooth P67
    EVGA 560 ti superclocked ds
    Intel 2500k
    Creative sound blaster audigy
    Rosewill Blackhawk case
    Zalman 9900nt
    Crucial m4 64gig
    Seagate 1tb 7500rpm
  3. I lied it still alternates :(
  4. I manually changed my voltage to 1.3 at 4.5ghz. How to I check to make sure this is stable? I found out it was the Speed step technology that was causing the fluctuations

  5. for some reason im getting extremely high ratings for my cpu temp in HWmanager and SpeedFan. They read at a whopping 120c! In the motherboards AI suite they read at 40c but whats going on here?

  6. I had the same concern. I too have the same P8Z68 mobo, and i used the ASUS Suite overclock feature, and i used CPU-Z.

    I used the auto-overlock feature and changed the settings to XMP. This gave me 4.4GHz OC at core voltage which is like 1.3 or something.

    The reason the processor speed changes between 1600 and your overclocked 4500 is because when the system is idle it only uses 1600 to save on power. If a more demanding application is run, the system will start running on the more power consuming 4500 :)

    Basically, dont worry, your system is overclocked and working correctly :)
  7. the temps to seem outrages. try running realtemp to verify, it might be an issue with hw monitor. Also, run Prime95 to test the overclock. when u open it will ask u if you want to join gimps, click just stress testing and run it at default testing for a minimum of 5 hours (24 hours is much better). if the computer crashes, or one of the threads stops due to an error, ur overclock is not stable and u need to tweak the speed/voltate
  8. you're looking under the wrong tab for your temperatures, i dont know what CPUTIN is, it could be nothing. But for your actual CPU temperature look under the part where it says Intel Core i5 2500k, those are your temperatures for the four cores of the cpu. They seem very good lol...
  9. yeah i ran prime for about 10 hours and everything whent smooth. the cpu never went above 58c. I tried running 3DMark11 but got an error after the second video..
  10. So ive read up on a few more things and changed my bios oc settings once again. This helped my voltage drop some whatever I did and im thinking about oc'ing to 4.5 now. Im having great load results (I think) so I might push it just a little more. Here is my results idle...
    and here's while running prime95
    What do you guys think?

    Also I have a question about SSD's... when you load win7 on an SSD and use it as a boot drive how do you avoid loading things onto SSD? The direct path for downloading things off the internet or whatever is to my C: (SSD) and then I later save it in my F: (HDD) but I think I am still leaving some files every time I download something in my SSD. How do I avoid this or what do you guys do to transfer and make sure everything gets stored in your HDD. Im done installing all of my drives so I think im pretty much done putting anything else on my SSD (at least for now). It says 36.6 free of 59.5 as is.

    Thanks for your help
  11. For some reason a multiplier of 45 makes my voltage spike to 1.37 under load with the same settings. When I turn the LLC to auto (gives me lower volts) I get BSOD at x45. But at x43 I get even better volts and temps than before! While running prime my cpu never goes above 58c and my max volts is 1.288! Computer seems to run very stable at this state so I think this is how I will leave it.


    Also I have a question about your guys' fans. Do you normally leave it at a single speed that you like or have it fluctuate? Or do you have like 2 settings one for idle one for gaming? Im pretty sure I set my CPU cpu to consistent speed but I dont know what I like better for my GPU fan.. I havent overclocked it yet but ive messed with the fan settings some im curious what you guys do.
  12. This is the system error i get when after the second video in 3dmark11. The program can't start because .DLL is missing from your computer. try reinstalling the program... and then it doesnt show me my score. Also my video card reaches teamps of 78c while running this program isnt that very high?
  13. Why is it that I run more volts downloading music and playing video games on my CPU than when I run Prime95? According to prime my max volt was 1.28 but now it can reach 1.35 just downloading music/listening to music, browsing, and gaming.. Is this bad?
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