Advice on my first build

Hello, I am planning on building myself a gaming rig and was hoping I could get some advice on my parts. I did some research and think I have made good choices but some other opinions wouldn't hurt.



Hard Drive


Video Card:



Optical Drive:


OS: Vista Home premium

I think what I am most worried about is the video card but any other recommendations you may have would be excellent
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  1. What resolution do you plan to play on?
  2. ^+1... Your GPU is good depending on your resolution.

    Your MOBO is a good budget board but leaves you no room to expand with Crossfire. I would recommend getting a MOBO with two PCIe x16 slots.
  3. I plan on playing at 1600X1200 or below. I don't plan on using Crossfire either as it is out of my budget of $1200.
  4. There are plenty of good 4870's that pump hot air out of the case . No point having that open style cooler IMO

    if you dont use an lcd at its native resolution the image will suck . You are marginal in games with the nr of that monitor . If you want to stick with a 4870 then get a 22 inch with 1680 x 1050 res instead[ or buy a 4890 ]

    This memory is better for a phenom and will give you a slight performance boost

    dont buy vista
    download the release candidate of windows 7 and use that , till the full version is released . Its free , but only download from microsoft
  5. Would this be a decent 4890 for my LCDs resolution?

    I apologize for being such a newbie, I am trying my best to learn though.
  6. Try this build on:

    CPU/Mobo combo:
    i7 920
    Gigabyte UD4P

    GPU/Memory combo:
    Sapphire 4890
    OCZ Platinum DDR3 1600 6GB (3x2)

    Case/HDD combo:
    Antec 300
    WD 640GB Caviar Black

    Corsair 650w

    DVD Burner:
    LITE-ON 22x DVD-R

    CPU Fan/Heatsink:
    XIGMATEK Dark Knight

    Thermal Compound:
    Arctic Silver 5

    ASUS 21.5" 2MS 1900x1080

    Price: $1,296.80, after MIR: $1206.80 (Not including shipping)
  7. That is a little over my budget ($1200) ALthough I will pick up the thermal compound. The case and HD combo could work though.
  8. I still recommend the same monitor, Case/HDD combo, fan/heatsink, thermal compound, PSU, and DVD-R.

    Swapping a few parts to stay in line with your budget...

    MSI X58 Pro-E LGA 1366
    **EDIT:** Review for mobo justification:

    GPU/memory combo:
    Sapphire 4870 1gb
    OCZ Gold 6gb DDR3 1600 (3x2)

    CPU: I7 920 $280

    The rest of the links are accurate from before.

    $1,191.80, after MIR: $1,121.80 (excluding shipping)

    If anyone finds better combo deals let the OP know please.
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