Hi, i recently bought a sapphire 4850x2 and i get a lot of flickering and artefacts,this only occurs in dx10 games...the problem is resolved by turning crossfire off or by disableing A.I. Catalyst but this also lowers the performance. My configuration : Core2Quad 9400 running at 3200,4 GB ram,Asus P5Q-E,PSU Thermaltake 600w.Does anybody else have the same problem?
P.S. : I'm using vista x64 and catalyst 9.6
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  1. Its your power supply you do not have enough juice to run that card. If you look at the manufacture website it needs at least 650w. The card uses more juice that 2 HD4850. Thermaltake is a fairly good brand but you still need more juice. Are you overclocking either CPU or GPU? That also takes up more power.
  2. my CPU is overclocked at 3200.
  3. The 4870x2 also requires an 650 watt PSU but my 600 w Thermaltake Toughpower supply is certified to be working with it on amd site.
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