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Hi, I bought a security system to install on my old XP computer. I installed the Hardware and program successfully and it all ran perfectly until the hard drive completely filled up. The trouble I have now is I can't find the files where all the data is stored. The instructions tell me they are recorded as 'hidden files' and as I am familiar with how to <show hidden files> I did not see this as a concern, but I can't find the damn things anywhere. The C: drive properties say the hard drive is full, but when I select each file in C: drive individually and right click for properties the file space used is very small. Could anyone help me locate these files. There is nowhere that even tells me the name of the file extension, just a kind of 'by the way' the files are hidden. There has got to be a way of deleting them or the security system would appear to be quite null and irrelivant.

Thanks anyone
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  1. Do it the old-fashion way:

    Open Windows Explorer and right-click each major folder off the root of the drive and select Properties.

    See what space is being used by each folder and when you find ones that are quite large, navigate through the folder levels looking for your files.

    Verify you can indeed view hidden files.

  2. Thanks for your answer, but I did say that I have done that and that the size of these files is very small; even combined the folders wouldn't add up to 5% of the drive space. The files are hidden, so I need to find these files as I know the size of those that can be revealed by the regular method. Thanks anyway tigsounds.
  3. Yea, I got hung up on the drive is full part...

    If you know what type files they are then open Windows Explorer and click on the drive in the left pane.
    Now click the search button at the top.
    Click all files and folders
    Click "More advanced options"
    Check "Search hidden files and folders"
    Check "Search subfolders"
    Click the "Type of file" dropdown box and choose the file type/extension you are looking for.
    At least this will narrow it down a bit.

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