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Hi all,

I recently bought an arctic cooling freezer 7 pro socket 775, and intend to use it with my Q6600 and Asus P5K deluxe. I thought as it's socket 775 the fan would be compatible but I have since been told by a technician who's handling my computer that it will not be possible to fix the cooler on the mobo as the mobo is of an older model thus is incapable of mounting the cooler.

I would be most grateful if anyone tell me how valid this is, especially if they own the same/similar mobo.
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  1. Socket 775 is socket 775...they are the same mounting holes and dimensions. The Asus P5K was a very common 775 board a few years ago, so I'd be willing to bet most aftermarket coolers will work. I'm curious as to what exactly he means by what he is telling you...because I'm sure it is false.
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