Unlocking 4th core

Hi im trying to unlock my Athlon ii x3 3.2Ghz cpu, my mother board should be able to do this because at start up it says to hit f4 for core unlocking but when i do this i get windows diagnostics which ask me to start windows normally or run memory test. Any help would be much appreciated.

mobo asus m4a785td-m evo
os windows7
4gb ddr memory 1333Mhz
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  1. try going into the BIOS. There should be a setting in there for core unlocking (my asus mobo has one). If not, try hitting F4 once as soon as you see the option for that. here is a link i found to unlock cores for ur mobo:


    ::EDIT:: it is a slightly different mobo, but should be similar

    ::EDIT2:: another link for you:

  2. If u enable core unlocking and dont have another core, it is because there are no additional cores to unlock. When you get to the screen that asks to start windows normally click that. Then once in windows open cpu-z and see how many cores it says you have.
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