Worth getting OC'ed RAM for sandy bridge?

Looks like my dream board: Maximus IV Gene-Z is right around the corner so I'm not far from my new build now. In terms of selecting the memory, I can't help but wondering whether there's any point of selecting high quality RAM for OC purposes. From what I've read so far, the base clock of the SB is pretty difficult to OC whereas average OC is about 5-7%. With that said, does it still make sense to go for DDR-2000 or higher? Will I still get much kick out of it by running 100Mhz base clock w/ RAM at 2200Mhz or higher?
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  1. I'd post this under the overclocking section instead as you'll probably get a better response.

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  2. Thanks. Been doing some research myself and it seems that my original guess is reasonably in line.

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    There is a small performance increase when using faster memory speeds with Sandy Bridge. For most people though, that increase isn't worth the money. In addition, Sandy Bridge only has five memory speeds available -- 1066, 1333, 1600, 1866, and 2133. If you buy any other speeds, you are wasting money.

    The current price/performance sweet spot is 1600.
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