Start of a build, Need the best mobo for Phenom II 940 AM2+


Beginning my first build.

I have a brand new Phenom II 940.

I would like advice on the best mobo I can get and perhaps the next few down so I can compare.

Ideally want it to be future proof for a couple of years, so maybe support AM2+ and AM3 (if this is possible)

Budget not too much of an issue, so please let me know.

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  1. Hi I am also putting together a build using a Phenom II. The chip you have will only go into an AM2+ MoBo see -,2148-2.html which cuts down your future proofing. What I have done is to build a cheap system on an AM2+ MoBo instead of forking out for DDR3. If you want a good board that offers overclocking features go for a Gigabyte MA785GPM or ASUS M4A785D-M Pro. Things to look out for are PCI Express slots-do you want 1 or 2 graphics cards? Also if you’re running windows 32bit it only supports up to 3.5 GHz RAM. My build is here:
    CPU/Processor Athlon II X 3 435 2900 AM3 € 53.45
    MOBO/Motherboard M4A785-M € 63.20
    RAM/Memory 3GB 2X1GB + 2X512MB
    GPU/Graphics Card Radeon ASUS EAH 4670/DI/512MD3 € 61.26
    HDD/Hard Drive - WD 500GB 16MB 7200rpm 3.5inch SATA3.0 € 41.00
    ODD/Optical Disk Drive - DVD RW SAMSUNG 22x SATA € 18.25
    PSU / Case MidiTower w. USB/Audio 400W € 51.25

    Total €288.41
  2. Hi

    Thanks for the reply, Always appreciated!

    I like the look of that build, and thanks for the mob suggestions, so many around hard to pick the right one.

    I'd probablt want 1 or 2 pci-e slots, but use 1 decent gpu for now with potential for sli? Would be running windows 7 64 bit.

    Thank you
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