What is the best PC for nvidia geforce 9600 gt

I'm currently looking for a desktop computer and I was wondering what would be the best PC for the nvidia geforce 9600 gt. My price-range is from 400-600$. Is that too low? I don't really have any knowledge of computer type stuff, so I have no idea what the graphics card is compatible with.
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  1. any answers?
  2. are you in the US?
  3. Im guessing you have bought the 9600gt already? do you need monitor, keyboard, mouse, speaker or os?
  4. Well, if you're just gonna get something from the store then you may consider going with this


    You should consider building it yourself though to overclock it a little and get more value out of it.
  5. don't buy from best buy, their PC come with tons of bloatware and use old parts

    you can get more with DELL (they stopped shipping bloatware rigs) or HP off their web sites
  6. Well, if you are building a PC yourself, you can easily pair the 9600 GT with a capable CPU like the Core 2 Duo E7400 or the E8400 and still keep it under $600. That target might be harder to reach if you're trying to buy a fully-built computer, though.
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