PC Keeps Rebooting... RAM?

I have a

Dell XPS - with Dell nForce BTX Motherboard

Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 Wolfdale 3.16GHz LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor

Kingston HyperX T1 Series (2 x 2GB) - x4 (for a total of 8gig)

GeForce 8800 Ultra (yes it is an Ultra) - Latest nVidia Drivers

Western Digital Caviar Black WD6401AALS 640GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s

Sound Blaster XF-i Xtreme Gamer

Windows 7 64-Bit

Ok I have Left 4 Dead 2 and COD: Modern Warfare 2 installed. When I switch from one to another (after playing one then switch to the other) the PC will reboot ramdomly during game play. Also after playing either game for a while (no realy time studies but say 5 - 60 mins) the PC will reboot.

I have;

Uninstalled the XF-i and Video drivers and reinstalled both using and not using Safe Mode. Still happens.

All drivers and Windows are up-to-date

Now this may sound like I found the problem but just want to ask the experts for their opinion...

I have 4x 240-pin Memory slots. Each slot has 1 of the 2GB modules in it.

Slot 4 _______ (Bank 2)

Slot 2 _______ (Bank 1)

Slot 3 _______ (Bank 2)

Slot 1 _______ (Bank 1)

I think this is the numbering, but I am sure of the Banks.

With all 8GB of ram installed I ran this program...


After about 5-10 minutes the PC rebooted. I removed the Ram from Slots 3 and 4 (Bank 2 RAM) and re-ran the test and again it re-booted in about 5-10 mins. I moved this same memory to Bank 2 and again it rebooted after 5-10 minutes.

So I took out these 2 sticks and put in the other 2 (put them in Bank 1) I ran the test for about 30 minutes with no errors reported and no reboot.

Does this sound like 1 or both of the first 2 memory modules are bad?

NOTE: DUring the testing I used the windows sidebar (CPU and RAM meter) and ran 2 instances of the memtest so that the RAM meter read 97% full.
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  1. More notes;

    I am not sure it will or will not only happen in these games. These are just the only ones I have been playing.

    Also I did notice that randomly I get a point while playing that screen locks up and the sound will freeze in a "machine gun" studder. The only way out is to push the power button.

    Alos last night while trying to find the problem I had the side of the case off (with the 2 suspected good sticks in place) I was running the MEMTEST and whent to touch the RAM heatsink to see if it was maybe overheating and as soon as I put a bit of pressure on the RAM the machine rebooted. So while it was rebooting I touched it again very lightly and POW it rebooted again. So it looks like I may have a cold solder joint on the MB or maybe a bad socket.
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