Graphic Card Options for i7-920 System

I posted a question on this forums on a different section, and got great feedback.
It was between X4 955 BE vs i7 920 systems, and based on the advices I chose the i7 920.
However, I'm not really sure what graphic card would be best... because there are so many options.
My max budget for the card would be around 400, so I could get

XFX or Sapphire HD 4870x2 360~
XFX or Sapphire HD 4890 CF 380~
XFX GTX 275 SLI 410~
XFX GTX 260 core 216 SLI 320~
EVGA GTX 285 1gb 330~
EVGA GTX 280 SLI 375~ (someone i know, who opened two for reviews, is selling them a bit cheaper)


which option would be the best one?
I'm planning to use the card(s) until the new graphic cards (i.e. nvidia 300 series and ati 5000 series) prices drop,
or until a game that i really like that uses DX11 to its max comes out.

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  1. Since the new cards are coming out soon and your planning to upgrade 2 gtx260 is enough for now.
  2. Well yes I am planning to upgrade, but not right away... probably some time next year august or so I'll upgrade most likely. Still think 2 gtx 260 is enough for now?
  3. Sorry I got the prices wrong, 4890 CF is 380 and 4870x2 360
  4. What motherboard are you using? Not all support both sli and crossfire. if the one you are looking at does great but let us know the motherboard and psu you are planning on using.
  5. I'm planning to use CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX 750W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC Compatible with Core i7 Power and ASUS P6T LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard. The mother board supports "Xtreme Phase, 3-Way SLI & Quad-GPU CrossFireX Support".

  6. Wow tough decision. I would probably go with either 2 4890's or the 2 280's. If you oc the 4890's or buy factory oced ones, you should be able to hit the same speeds as with the 2 280's. I guess it depends on what games you like to play.
  7. I like playing World of Warcraft (and other MMOs I guess), high end FPS games (crysis, crysis warhead, etc), single player RPGs (oblivion, fallout3), GTA4, Prototype...
    and planning to play starcraft II and diablo III.

    Also, is my corsair 750w powersupply good enough for these SLI/CF setups?
  8. Side question - if I buy a DVD drive/Hard drive OEM, does that mean I have to buy the cables separately?
  9. usualy you will get enough sata cables with the mobo. 750 watt can run a sli setup fine.
  10. What resolution are you planing at gaming at?
    I have one GTX 260 and I am sure 2 would suffice for any resolution 1920xx1200 or less.
  11. 1920 x 1080
  12. do all games run on 1920x1080, or do they need the x1200 ratio? ive heard that old games don't, and if im wanting to play CSS, will it run on 1920x1080?
  13. Instead of buying a 4870x2 for 360 why don't you just buy 2x 4870's for 260? Then take the extra 100 and buy some games, or ram, or another hard drive.

    To answer your psu question...

    A 650TX will run Xfire 4890's so I think you're good.

    Corsair is win.
  14. will corsair 750tx run 2x gtx275 OC, and i7 920 OCed to 3.66?
  15. A corsair 750TX would run 3x285's.

    It would be cutting it close but it would run them so there's your answer.
  16. so would a 650tx work for me? or should i go with the 750TX, just for some headroom?
  17. With a 650tx you'd have to use molex/pcie adapters.

    The 750tx has four 8 pins I believe so IMO, the 750 would just be prettier in terms of cable management. And your efficiency may be 1-3% higher. Big deal. Get the 750.

    You'd still be getting more bang for buck on xfire 4870's.

  18. Quote:
    just overlocck an 8800gt or 8800gts and it will beat 4870x2 crossfire by big margin

    Umm are you on crack.
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