Need a good Q9550 bundle deal where can I find one.

Hi I want to build a new PC and would like the quad cord Q9550.

This machine will be used a machine to host my virtual pcs. So I dont need a decent graphics card on it.

I just need a decent MB, PSU, CPU and RAM.

Scan were doing a good Q9550 motherboard bundle deal. But they dont see to have it anymore.

Has anyone else seen any good deals around.

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  1. Just go to have the best deal on combos....
  2. Tiger Direct also has some good prices every once in a while. I've bought through them a couple times now. Newegg is great, too.
  3. Tiger sucks, well at least here in states.

    Almost everything they sell is overpriced.. They are not the great company they used to be.

    Newegg is the top e-tailor at the moment and I don't think anyone will be able to match them, at least for now.....
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